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Invest into second homes, vacation homes, timeshares and vacation rentals.
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  • What type of properties I can find on this site?
    This site is built for everyone who is thinking about buying vacation home. We put the extra effort into promoting vacation rentals homes, so not only buyer can enjoy vacation home, he also can benefit financially from it. Right now we feature 3 types of homes: second homes, vacation rentals and timeshares.
  • What is vacation rental?
    Vacation rental is vacation house that you also rent to others for short term. The rent from it helps you to pay or bills and you can use it in free time. Great combination, isn’t it? Vacation homes are called Holiday homes in Europe.
  • What is second home?
    Any home that is not your primary home is your second home. Some second homes you can turn into vacation rental. Sometimes second home is referred as vacation home.
  • What is timeshare?
    A number of weeks or months are purchased in advance shared with a group of people of the same interest but on different dates, and perhaps periods of the year. Some timeshares are sold as fractional ownership in a trust that owns one or several resorts.
  • What services you have for buyers?
    Our goal is to build the most comprehensive site with all possible resources for vacation and second homes owners. This is why we ask you to write to us with any questions and ideas you might have.
  • What services you have for sellers?
    We consider our site as a great avenue for your marketing. If you live in the area that can be considered as vacation desired or you have any house for sale that is already vacation house, list with us and we will help you to sell it.
Looking for investment property, vacation home or both?
Do you want to own vacation property you can use for yourself and your family, and that you can also rent to others? This is the world of Vacation Rentals Real Estate. is a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for all your vacation rentals, second home and income properties Real Estate needs. advertises all types of second homes Real Estate: vacation rentals, second homes as well as time shares.

Find the property you like, contact the seller and become a proud owner of Vacation Rental Real Estate.

Why invest into vacation homes?
Renting vacation homes is a lucrative, profit-driven business in which potential clients seek YOU out, as opposed to the other way around. It is the ultimate way of having best of the word: vacation home you can enjoy and rental profit that can pay for it.
New to second homes and vacation rentals Real Estate?
Do you want an agent experienced with vacation homes and rentals? Our goal is connect you with that agent. Do you need a mortgage officer? Help furnishing your property? Routine cleaning service? Property manager? has those listed too.

In fact, lists just about all the resources you need to buy, finance, furnish and successfully run your Vacation Rental Real Estate.

Are you a Property Manager? Cleaning service? Security service? Agent? Mortgage broker? You work with second homes and vacation rentals? is an excellent place to advertise your services.
Every new owner of Vacation Rental Real Estate is looking for you! Please read more on what can offer to you.
Why Are We Doing This?
We are owners of vacation rental real estate. We founded because of our passion and desire to share our experience and make a difference for all vacation rental real estate owners.

We promise to bring expertise, knowledge and integrity to all users of

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